Bathtub fun
If your dog likes water, fill the tub up about six inches and let him play. Give him toys to splash at and play with if he is so inclined.

Tug of war.
Grab rope and start tugging. Dogs catch onto this game quickly and will love trying to wrestle you for the rope.

Just like humans use stairs for fitness purposes, so can dogs. Simply put a leash on them and trot up and down the stairs at a speed they are comfortable with.

Play ball.
Grab a tennis ball and instead of throwing it just roll it on the floor. Your dog will love chasing it and having you roll it again.

Hide the treat.
Roll a treat up in a sock and let your dog try to wriggle it out. Or, you can show them a treat and then go hide it under a cushion or cup. Watch them try to figure out how to get to the treat.

Toy time.
Keep a basket of squeaky toys to pull out and play with. Toss the toys, tug them, roll them, hide them, there are all sorts of ways to have fun with these and your dog will love all of them.

Jump around.
Raise a treat so your dog can jump for it. Don’t give it to him right away, but encourage him to jump for it if he is comfortable doing this.

Hide and seek.
Hide in a spot and call for your dog. Watch him run around trying to find you. Just don’t hide in too hard of a spot; you want him to feel the reward of locating you.

Doggy led play.
Watch your dog’s cues to see what he might be interested in. Some like to wrestle, tackle, and play a bit rougher. Watch your dog’s cues to see if he likes this and if so, go for it.

Your dogs do not need to be bored all winter. With a little time and these fun tips your dog can stay active and have fun all winter long even when they refuse to go out and play.