As a pet parent, you should prepare your pet for spring and ensure your doggy and kitty are healthy and safe at the same time, having fun.

Groom them up

Warmer weather means lots of shedding. This is the time our pets shed their winter coats for the sleek, thinner coat. This means lots and lots of hair around the house. A regular bath and brush will help keep your home clean and your pet happy. You can also pay a visit to a pet groomer to get your pet star service that includes washing, haircuts, nail trimming, and even teeth cleaning!

Tick and flea control

Spring is the time when ticks and fleas are on the move. Those blood-suckers can carry harmful parasites, so be attentive. While it’s a good idea to keep your four-legged friends on preventative medications all year-round, using tick and flea control, such as rinses or tablets, in warmer weather is very important.

Take action on worms

Apart from fleas and ticks, the other problem you have to take care of is worms. Tapeworms, roundworms and hookworms can become a problem in warmer months. One of the largest dangers to a pet’s health is heartworms, which spread through mosquito bites. Be proactive and make sure your cat or dog has been dewormed for the season.

Watch out for allergies

With grass, flowers, and trees abloom in spring, pets can suffer from seasonal allergies, just like we do. Keep an eye out for excessive scratching, licking, or hair loss, as these can be classic signs of allergies. If your pet develops any of the symptoms, take them to the vet for care.

Update your shots

In warmer seasons, your animals hang out a lot with other pets that may or may not have been properly vaccinated. Before you start spending more time at dog parks or join other fun pet activities in the neighborhood, make sure your pets have gotten their shots and are protected from infectious diseases.

Bonding with your pets outdoors during the warmer months can be just as fun for us as it is for your pets. With a little preparation, you can have true peace of mind and be ready to fully enjoy this splendid time of the year!