The steps that are part of the ladder to the top of the pack are several. Mind you they are
all more attitude oriented than action. Please note that physical punishment will not
enforce you as the Alpha- it will only create distrust, fear and a grudging sense of
submission. You want to be the alpha for the good of your pet, i.e. to give him or her a
lead to follow and make his or her adjustment with the human pack smoother. Here are
few of the things you will need to do climb to the top dog spot:

Walk the walk: Walk like the leader. Look powerful and authoritative. When you
deal with your pet, use a firm voice. Do not go down on your knees and beg the
dog to sit or stay- just tell him what to do. You should not be the one putting a
request to your pet. You are the alpha, so use the command words as commands
that have to be listened to. Remember that dogs are intelligent enough to know
who is leadership material. If you waver in your behavior, he can sense your
doubt. Act like the alpha of the back and show him who is boss.

Look him/her in the eye: When you give a command, look straight at your pet.
Make sure he can see that you mean business and that it is not a command to be
disobeyed. Always hold eye contact with your pet, no matter how big or small he
or she is. Call out to the dog and make sure that he or she also looks straight at
you. If he looks at you in an attempt to defy you, then stare back at him firmly
without blinking, till he lowers his gaze. It’s not only a way of establishing a
contact, it’s also a way for your dog to figure out the hierarchy in the pack.

Muzzle power: This doesn’t mean put a physical muzzle and strap him up. This
means that when you handle him or her, cover the muzzle of your pet’s face and
hold on for a few seconds. This gesture is a dominant gesture and can be part of
when you are petting or rewarding your pet. Do it gently, not as a show of giving
out a punishment but as a show of having control.