Steps To Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth

The best advice is to take it slow and always reward your pooch after so that they know good things come from having their teeth brushed. If you are a new puppy parent, then you have the benefit of getting your dog used to this new routine early. If you have an older pup, you can still work this into your overall care routine for your pet.

Get Your Dog Used To Your Finger In His Mouth

Before using a brush or paste teach your dog that it can be fun to have fingers in his mouth. Put something tasty on your finger and let your dog lick your finger. As they do this, gently rub your finger along the sides of the teeth and gums. Gently lift their lips as you would when brushing. Repeat a couple of times a day for 2-3 days. Near the end of the process, start introducing the doggie toothpaste you have chosen (do NOT use human toothpaste) to get them used to the smell and taste.

Open Your Dog’s Mouth

When your dog is comfortable with your fingers in his mouth, you can move on to teaching him to accept you opening his mouth. Make sure you have lots of treats on hand as positive reinforcement. Gradually work up to opening his mouth for just a few seconds, increasing the time slowly. Always reward with treats and do this 8-10 times a sitting over several days.

Brush Teeth

Once you have gotten him used to you exploring his mouth and moving your fingers along teeth and gums, you can move on to brushing. Make sure that you start slowly once again and increase the time over days.


Always follow with their favorite treat so that your pup is happy to let you brush his teeth.  And have fun with them.