Tools necessary: dog shampoo, towel, brush, treats.
Give your dog treats and praise as you groom. You can give him treats periodically or a long-lasting rawhide treat or toy with treats inside.
It will get your pet use to grooming if you start them at a young age. You should also pay attention to what your dog does and doesn’t like. If your dog hates nail trims, do that part last. If he loves getting brushed, make sure to spend some extra time brushing his coat out.
You should brush your dog before the bath to get out any mats. Some dogs have different lengths and styles on different parts of their bodies, so you might need a few different brushes.
Brush out mats by holding your pet’s fur close to the skin and gently working out the mat. Cut out mats that can’t be brushed out. Keep in mind that long-haired dogs might need daily brushings, while short-haired dogs are often fine with a brushing once a week.
Bath Time
Most dogs only need to be bathed once every week or two. As you’re bathing your dog, use plenty of warm water to keep him nice and wet, and make sure to work the soap into your dog’s fur and skin. Start at the top and work your way down.Spend some extra time on your dog’s neck, where his collar normally is. During the bath, do a quick check all over your dog’s skin for cuts, ticks, or irritated skin.
To protect your dog’s eyes, you can put a drop of mineral oil around each eye. A cotton ball placed in each ear will help keep water out.
Let your dog drip dry for a few minutes in the tub, then towel him dry. You can use a regular hair dryer on a cool setting to help him dry off.