Its not just time for Spring cleaning. It is also time to get your dog ready for Spring! If you think that just means letting them go outside, think again. Here is your check list for getting your pup ready for spring:
Buy a brush! With the Spring weather comes shedding. Make sure you have a good brush or shedding blade to help you get rid of all that loose hair. Frequent grooming will help avoid matting of their fur. It will also cut down on hair related throw-up.
Fleas and Ticks: With spring comes rolling around in fresh grass and big dusty dirt piles. Make sure your pooch has been treated for fleas and ticks before you let them out.
Test for Heartworms: Spring is a great time to test for heartworm and get them started with prevention. Heartworms are spread through mosquitos and playing outside puts them at risk. Get them on preventative treatment like Heartgard will keep your pup safe and sound.
Check your yard: Make sure your yard is ready for your dog. Check the fences to ensure they do not have holes in them. If you used any ice melt, make sure that is cleared away. If you treated your lawn with any chemical fertilizers or weed killers, don’t let your dog roll around. The chemicals in the yard treatment can hurt your dog.
Check your leash and collar: Take a look at your leash and collar to make sure that they are not frayed. You don’t want your dog breaking his leash when you are out.
Update her shots! With you dog going outside more they will be exposed to more environments and people. Help keep them safe by making sure their shots are up to date.
Get your tags: If your dog is outside you need to make sure that you have your dog tags and licenses.
Now you are ready for Spring! So take your pup out to the park, out for a walk or run, or just out in the backyard.