First you have to make sure that you have all the proper equipment to properly train a kitten to use a litter box. These items include litter box, litter, treats, food and water. You may be asking why food and water is part of this training but you will soon see that it is a big part of the process. Give your cat the wet food and water. Make sure the cat eats as much of the wet food as it wants until it is full and starts to walk away. When the cat shows signs of being finished eating pick up your kitten and put him/her in a locked room with the litter box and sit in there with them and keep putting them in the litter box until they go to the bathroom reward them with a treat and then release them from the room. Keep doing the pattern for 4-8 hrs everytime they eat their meals. When you start to see that they are going to the box without you putting them in it, stop bringing them to that room after they eat and see if they go to the bathroom on their own. If they don’t keep repeating bringing them to the room and closing the door until they start to go to the litter box without you sticking them in the room and putting the cat yourself in the litter box they just go to the litter box on their own after eating and when they need to use the bathroom.