Regular Dog Exercise Is a Must

It’s true that regular exercise can help eliminate unwanted behaviors like chewing, garbage searching, and too much barking. More importantly, regular exercise can help with a lot of things like, keeping dogs alert and agile, diminish stomach troubles, improve sleep quality and build confidence. Dogs are supposed to be active. Not lying on a dog bed and waiting for you to come home from work.


Obesity is a big concern for your dog if they aren’t exercising regularly. Obesity can occur if you overfeed and under-exercise your dog. Obesity has health risks such as diabetes, heart disease, respiratory disease and liver problems. It also affects joints, ligaments, and tendons  making it harder to get your dog moving.

Diet Counts

It’s tempting to give your dog their most wanted treat. High-caloric foods and an irregular diet can cause weight gain. Diet plays a key role in evading obesity.

How Much Exercise Does my Dog Need?

Most dogs benefit from daily aerobic exercise as well as a 30-minute walk. Running, swimming, or jumping is just a few. Be prepared that puppies and senior dogs have exceptional needs.