Halloween can be a fun time for families and their pets. However, if safety precautions aren’t taken, it can also be a dangerous time for our four-legged animals.
Here are some life-saving tips that can help protect your pets on Halloween.

Dangerous Pet Costumes
A safe choice in a pet Halloween costume would be a loosely tied bandana; but, if you choose to dress up your pet, go with a simple approach. Pets can become tangled in elaborate, tight-fitting costumes with strings, ties, belts and sashes. Difficulty in mobility can lead to bodily injury, including strangulation.
Never leave a pet unattended while wearing a costume. Small parts of a costume can become chewed and ingested and can in turn potentially lead to foreign body ingestion which can be life threatening to your pet.

Halloween Decorations and Fire Hazards
If you decorate your home in the Halloween spirit, take into consideration what you’re putting on display and where the decorations will be placed. Easy-to-reach decorations — or candles — can be eaten or knocked over, potentially leading to choking, foreign body ingestion, electrical shock and even burns and a household fire.

Noise Affects Pets
Dogs and cats can become skittish and anxiety ridden on Halloween due to the incessant ringing of the doorbell, constant squeals and chatter just outside the door, and small fireworks set off in the street.
In addition, the barrage of strangers dressed in unfamiliar and scary costumes can alarm some pets, increasing their anxiety. Take extra precaution on Halloween: gauge your pet’s typical reaction while greeting visitors and decide if putting up a baby gate or leaving your dog or cat in a back room of the house would keep them calmer throughout the evening.

Candy and Chocolate Are Toxic
Candy and chocolate are never good for dogs or cats and on Halloween there is an increased chance that they may consume the treats.
Chocolate and xylitol, a sweetener found in many candies, can be extremely toxic to pets.
Lollipops and their sticks can be choking hazards and cause a painful obstruction or foreign ingestion that may require surgery to remove.
Candies wrapped in plastic and other types of wrapping can also lead to chocking or cause an obstruction and upset stomach.

If you haven’t already opted to have your pet microchipped, now is a great time. Should your pet become lost, an ID tag and/or a microchip can help quickly reunite you with your dog or cat.