Pet Hotel Falls Church VA

Do you have a plan in place for who will care for your pet the next time you have to leave town? Why not let Old Dominion Animal Health Center’s Pet Hotel become their home away from home? Our “resort-like” facilities seem more like a four-star vacation than boarding! With top-of-the-line amenities and services and exceptional care and attention, our guests feel like royalty whenever they stay with us.

Why Board with Us?

  • Spacious, clean and friendly
  • Large, fenced outdoor exercise area
  • Clean, soft bedding provided at no extra charge
  • 24 hour staffing with visits every 30 minutes
  • On-call nurse and available veterinary care services
  • Low employee to guest ratio for added level of care and attention
  • Each guest is assigned one primary caretaker for the length of his or her stay
  • Individual rooms
  • Pets from the same household can share space
  • Powerful air-cleaning/circulation system for clean, fresh and odor-free air
  • Sprinkler system and numerous video security cameras for added guest safety


Outdoor Walking Area Our courtyard dog boarding facilities are located on our ground-level floor. Each guest is given his or her own personal room suitable for his or her size. Families that have multiple pets have the additional option of keeping doors between adjacent rooms open so that four-legged family members may visit and spend time with each other at their leisure.

The courtyard features radiant in-floor heating to ensure that guests are always cozy and comfortable. Stays include two daily walks, all meals and warm bedding. Upon request at check-in, extra walks and additional one-on-one play time with pet care team members are also available. All walks are conducted outdoors in our clean, securely-fenced walking area. In addition, each dog is assigned a main caretaker for the duration of his or her stay. This allows for ample bonding time and a more secure, comfortable stay for each guest.



Comfortable beds and spacious rooms make happy dogs!

For those canine guests that are looking for that added level of exceptional service and

care, we offer stays in our penthouse boarding facilities, which were just recently opened in 2007. Located on our top floor, the 31 extra large penthouse rooms feature every luxurious amenity your dog could wish for, including a quiet, relaxing atmosphere, comfortable bedding and a window-view for each guest. No detail goes unnoticed in our penthouse – right down to the hand-painted murals, custom tile work and glass blocks.


Kitty Condos

Cats get multiple level condos with an view when they stay at Old Dominion Animal Health Center

Cats get multiple level condos with a view when they stay at Old Dominion Animal Health Center.

Our feline guests can enjoy our separate cat area, which features 64 private condos with

exceptional outdoor views. This area was expertly designed to keep kitties busy and occupied during their stay, while also offering a quiet, peaceful atmosphere safely away from our canine boarding guests. Cat condos are two-level and feature ample places to play or just to curl up for a nice, luxurious nap. Shared condos are available for multiple “family” members, as are private spaces for shy kitties.


Special Needs Boarding

Special Needs PatientAt Old Dominion Animal Health Center, we understand that some pets, such as elderly animals, those with medical conditions and those recovery from surgery, require an added level of care and attention. That’s why we offer special needs boarding to provide your pet with all of the daily care and assistance he or she needs while you’re away from home.

Special needs guests are typically housed in the hospital area, however, when requested we are often able to accommodate pets with special care requirements in our Courtyard, Kitty Condo or Penthouse sections.

Some of the many “special needs” services our experienced staff can provide include:
•Hand feeding
•Fluid therapy
•Special meals
•Assisted walking
•Blood glucose monitoring
•Administering oral and/or injectable medications
•Extended exercise periods
•Recuperative care
•Palliative care
•Any other “special” request that your pet needs

Our concierge will consult directly with your pet’s doctor(s) and communicate with them that your pet will be in our care. The concierge will also develop a detailed treatment and care plan for your pet to be reviewed and approved by you. Approved care plans will then be organized with our professional staff and caregivers prior to your pet’s arrival.

Hospital Boarding

Our caring, compassionate veterinary professionals possess over 40 years of experience in the animal healthcare industry. This makes us uniquely qualified to handle all of your pet’s medical needs while you are away. Guests requiring assistance with walking or eating, or those requiring medical supervision or daily injections are all catered to with special care and attention to ensure that they enjoy a safe, comfortable stay. Our medical team of veterinarians, licensed technicians, and trained medical nurses are available 24 hours a day to ensure your pet receives any and all special care needed, no matter what time of day or night.

At ODAH Center’s Pet Hotel, we specialize in providing your pet with all of the care, attention and TLC they need to feel right at home, which gives you the peace of mind of knowing that they’re in excellent hands while you’re away. We invite you to stop by and take a tour anytime and we hope to welcome your animal companion as one of our valued guests!

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Immunization Requirements:

For the health and safety of all pets who are being groomed, and our staff, ODAH Center requires dogs to have had the following immunizations and one test: Rabies, Distemper, Leptospirosis, Bordetella, and both strains of the Canine Influenza Virus, H3N8 and H3N2. A fecal test must have been performed within the past year. If the Rabies, Leptospirosis or Distemper immunizations are not up to date by the time your pet arrives, an ODAH Center veterinarian must examine the dog while your pet is boarding, to ensure he is healthy enough to receive these immunizations before they are administered. A veterinarian examination is not required before administering the other required immunizations or to perform a fecal test.

For cats, Rabies and Feline Distemper (HCP or FVRCP) immunizations are required. Both of these immunizations require a veterinarian examination before they can be administered.

If your dog or cat has had some vaccines performed elsewhere, simply let us know where they have been done before you arrive: we will be happy to call your pet’s regular veterinarian and request a vaccine certificate to be sent to us.