Here are a few common skin conditions in dogs and what to do.

*Allergies – Allergies to pollen, mold, chemicals, food, or fleas often manifest as skin conditions in dogs.

*Infection – A breakdown in immune system can lead to an increased chance of bacterial or fungal infection.

*External parasites – Fleas, skin mites and lice can all cause itchy skin. A dog who’s allergic to flea saliva can suffer a severe reaction from just one bite.

*Dryness – Dryness can cause itching, flaking, dull coat, and/or cracked skin.


The good news is that much of your dog’s skin health you can take care of. The following tips can help boost your pup’s immune system and protect them from environmental factors that can cause skin problems:

Make sure your dog is on a year-round flea preventive medication.

Brush your dog on a regular basis to evenly distribute oils in the skin and remove accumulated allergens in the fur.

Feed them a high-quality diet.