Not all cats will be interested in a tree, but may still have accidents unless you take precautions.

Helpful Textures: To keep your cat from walking under the tree (and considering climbing up), put unpleasant textures on the tree skirt. Cats hate the feeling of walking on aluminum foil, pine cones, sticky surfaces or non-slip rug bumps.

Not a Water Bowl: If your Christmas tree will be sitting in water, cover the water with a tree skirt.

Up High: Avoid putting ornaments low on the tree, and limit glass or breakable ones, so that your cat won’t be tempted or accidentally knock them off. Keep your heirloom ornaments near the top and well secured with hooks or fishing line.

Protect from Shock: Cats may chew on electrical cords if they can reach them so keep them covered with plastic or cardboard tubes, start them higher on the tree, and unplug them when not in use.

No Tinsel: Since tinsel can severely damage a cat’s digestive system, avoid using it on your tree.

No Dangerous Plants: Skip the holly, mistletoe, and poinsettias, since these are poisonous to cats.