Dogs: they can be your best friend, but they can also be mischievous adversaries, especially when you have to balance canine needs with the desires of their human owners.

Never Let Your Dog Approach Another Dog Without The Owner’s Permission
Dogs have a huge range of personalities, and you can never predict how they will react to an unknown dog. And leashes have a way of mounting tensions. Few things are worse than an impromptu dog fight.

Never Leave Dog Park Gates Open
While entering or exiting a double-gated dog park, make sure not to open one gate as someone is opening the other, or you might be faced by a herd of escaping dogs, and their panicked owners.

Never Eat In Front Of Dogs
All that walking might make you hungry, your dog might jump up and eat that sandwich

So if you have the type of love for dogs that makes you want to play with them, hurricane or shine, then grab a leash, and keep these seven tips in mind as you start walking.