Water – During the summer we fill the water bowl often because it’s hot outside. In the fall, keep the water bowl full also! When the temperatures drop make sure to check outside water bowls to make sure they aren’t freezing.

Bed – Wood and tile floors can get cold. Pull out the dog blankets and make a warm sleeping space for your furry pet. Wash the blankets at least once a week.

Diet – Dogs use more energy keeping warm in colder weather. You may need to increase their food during fall and winter to help him keep warm.

Shedding – We tend to think that shedding is only a problem in the spring, but some dogs shed their summer coats in preparation for their winter coat. Brush daily or weekly as needed.

Flea/Tick – Summer isn’t the only time to worry about fleas and ticks. The flea and tick season can last into late fall. Make sure your dog is covered.

Travel Prep – Lastly, it’s never too early to line up a dog sitter for your holiday road trips!