Get A New Scratching Post

Cats love to groom their nails, That is why cats like to claw and pick at things like your couch. That’s why getting them a new scratching post will keep them busy.

Keep Your Cat Groomed

Cats love to groom and clean, but they aren’t as fond of hacking up hairballs. Help your cat out by brushing her on a regular basis.

Give Your Cat Treats

Cats enjoy treats just as much as other fur babies, so treat your cat by getting them a new treat that’s not only healthy but also delicious.

Get A Cat New Toy

Cat toys are very cheap, and cats love playing with them. Toys are physically and mentally stimulating, so playing with them keeps your cat young, sharp and healthy.

Plant a Patch of Cat Grass

If you’ve ever seen your cat try to nibble the leaves of your favorite fichus or the blooms of fresh-cut flowers, it’s because they’ve got a natural instinct to nosh on grass. Grass fibers help them with digestion among other things. Cat grass is actually easy to grow indoors and outdoors and is a sure treat for kitties .

Treat Your Cat to Catnip

Different from cat grass, catnip is an herb from the mint family that has a stimulating effect on cat behavior. A little catnip can help make your cat’s playtime extra fun.

Get Your Cat a New Bed

Your cat probably spends more of his hours each day sleeping than awake, so a new bed is a perfect treat. Depending on your cat’s personality you can get something ultra-plush or with lots of coverage, so you cat feels like he’s sleeping in his own private cave…a real treat for any kitty.