Here are some important things to keep in mind as you prepare your four-legged friends for Spring.

Schedule a Check-Up:   Schedule a vet appointment to make sure your pet has all the latest vaccinations. They will test for heart worm and treated for the dreaded flea and tick season.

Exercise: During the winter month’s pets often spend more time indoors.  They tend to get less exercise and even though it takes more calories to maintain their winter coat and stay warm many animals can put on a few extra pounds.  As the weather warms getting back into a daily exercise routine can be very beneficial for your pets health.

Nutrition: Proper diet is equally important in getting your pets for Spring.

Grooming & Pampering: Pets that feel better are happier, grooming is a way to bond with your pet but aside from daily brushing, weekly baths and an occasional trim, why not treat your pet to a day at the spa. Lastly now is a great time to freshen up your pets sleeping area. Whether your pet is an indoor or outside pet, replacing bedding, toys and other items.