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Animal Health Center

At Old Dominion Animal Health Center, we are committed to delivering the best available veterinary medicine and are dedicated to serving you and your pet. Our goal is to exceed expectations with each and every interaction we have with our valued clients and beloved patients. We are a full service veterinary medical facility serving the animal healthcare needs of dogs, cats and other small mammals.

For more than 40 years our highly skilled, compassionate staff of veterinary professionals have providing exceptional animal medical care, combined with outstanding boarding, grooming, and training services. We want to become your trusted source for all of your pet’s needs and we look forward to serving you for many years to come!


  • The Question on Weather or not to Declaw.- Declawing cats is generally not recommended because it is an elective surgical procedure done solely for owner convenience, with no benefit to the feline. It is difficult to justify a procedure that is painful and can result in physical and behavioral complications when there are alternative methods to deter scratching of undesirable surfaces. The solution […]
  • Dog Breeds for People with Asthma and Other Allergies- Yorkshire Terrier. These dogs have very little fur, and you can cut their hair very short so that you don’t have to worry about brushing their hair every often. Poodles. Miniature poodles are great for people who live in small spaces and have asthma or other allergies Poodles actually grow hair — unlike most dogs, […]
  • How can I take better care of my dog?- Feed your dog a high quality dog food. Read the label of a prospective food. … Feed your dog on a regular schedule. It is recommended that you feed your dog twice a day. … Avoid giving your dog an excessive amount of treats or people food. … Give your dog water.

paws_newThe Old Dominion Animal Health Center is a full service animal heathcare clinic serving the veterinary, boarding, grooming and training needs of the people and pets of McLean, VA and surrounding communities. DN5A9604-300x199

Our comprehensive services are designed to meet the complete care needs of each patient that we serve, from routine wellness care to advanced diagnostics to complex surgical services and just about everything in between.

Old Dominion Animal Health Center has a state-of-the-art facility that is roomy enough to make any guest feel comfortable, and offers all of the modern amenities needed to deliver total pet care.

The staff at ODAH Center is committed to health of your pets and we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure every patient enjoys a long, happy and healthy life.