If you’ve owned a dog you’ve likely had this happen to you. You’re watching your dog who is sitting so comfy on the rug, little legs sticking out, so cute — until it isn’t. In a swift move your dog goes from an adorable sit, to a cringe-worthy slide across your carpet butt first and suddenly your waving your arms in a slow motion “no” as you imagine the trail being left behind.
Butt scooting, where a dog drags his bottom across the floor, usually indicates a problem with your pup’s anal glands in some dogs, they can become impacted and need to be emptied of fluid or a tapeworm. Another possibility is that your dog may have just used the bathroom and is cleaning his back end. If this is the case, leave him outside a little longer. If its happening a lot more then just after the bathroom, maybe a trip to the vet is needed.