Our Careteam

Hospital Floor Staff


Rose_Mary_profile_1Rosemary Taico

Pharmacy Assistant

Rosemary was born in Lima, Peru, and came to the US when she was 2 years old to join family living in Virginia. She has loved animals all her life and knew she wanted to take care and help animals, though she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do exactly for a long time. She got her foot in the door as a receptionist at ODAHC and soon realized that she wanted to be more involved with the medical aspect of things. Now she fills medications and helps hospital staff wherever needed.

Rosemary’s mother is a massage therapist. They have a 10-year-old beagle mix named Sierra and a 2-year-old black cat named Selva. Rosemary loves traveling and swimming. She is in school getting an Associates degree in business before applying to veterinary technician school in the spring.

Cherish_profile_1Cherish Merryman

Office Manager

Cherish grew up in Annandale, Virginia, and lived there for 15 years before moving to Madison, Virginia. After that, her family moved all over the place, going as far as California, and now she’s back in Culpeper, Virginia. Cherish wanted to be part of the veterinary profession because she hates to see animals in pain and not be able to help them. She started at ODAHC as a Boarding Supervisor, moved to the hospital floor working as a nurse, and now she is the Office Manager.

With her experience, Cherish can help out wherever needed, from organizing reception to helping with dentals, x-rays, and lab work.

Cherish has 2 children, Bryce and Caden; 2 dogs, Dharma and Remi; 1 cat, Pita; and 1 horse, Moxley. She loves being outside working in the yard, riding Moxley, going mudding, 4-wheeling, and, most of all, playing with her girls.

Lorena_profile_1Lorena Calani

Reception Manager

Lorena is from Potosi, Bolivia, and she moved to the USA 13 years ago. When she first started at ODAHC, she thought it would be a temporary job but shortly after, she realized how the staff had embraced her and treated her like family. This is the reason she’s stayed here for the last 13 years and counting. Lorena worked as a maintenance supervisor for a few years before getting a promotion to her current position as a receptionist. She loves her job because it is a great way to interact with other people and provide good customer service.

Lorena talks to clients by phone, sets up appointments, files documents, assists the doctors when needed, and makes sure the clients are always happy.

Lorena’s entire family is in Bolivia, but here in America it’s just she and her daughter. They also have a pet parakeet named Polly who was a rescue. Lorena’s daughter is working on graduating high school and pursuing a career in criminology. Polly, on the other hand, enjoys honey treats. Lorena’s biggest goal is getting her daughter through college, and for herself – well, she hopes to achieve more opportunities to grow professionally in this career.

Paige_profile_1Paige Blackford


Paige grew up in McLean and graduated from McLean High School. One of her friends who works at ODAHC told her about the job opening and because she was actually interested in learning more about animals, she thought it would be a perfect fit. Paige had come in with a dog and had seen how everything worked, so she knew she wanted to be part of the team. As one of our receptionists, she works with the clients and files, and schedules appointments for veterinary care, grooming services and boarding.

Paige’s family includes a twin sister, 3 younger sisters, and her dad and mom. She also has a stepdad and mom, 3 dogs and a cat. Her dogs like sitting on the back of the family couch and barking at people who walk by, and her cat loves sitting up in his cat tower. Paige is interested in animals, and also possibly teaching one day.

Carol_profile_1Carol Morrison


Carol was born in Chicago, Illinois. Because she enjoys working with the public and adores animals, she decided she wanted to do something special. Old Dominion Animal Health Center looked like a great place to work and she loves it here. As a receptionist, Carol has front desk contact with clients, provides customer service, makes sure clients get the best service and care for themselves and their pets. She multi-tasks, working with front desk duties as well as with our doctors and techs as part of the team. She really enjoys talking to our clients and making them feel special.

Carol comes from a family of artists: her son is a photographer and filmmaker; her brother is a master woodcarver; her sister is a multi-media artist; Carol enjoys doing Chinese brush painting; and her mother is a quilter. Carol also enjoys cooking and baking, biking and hiking, music, and auto shows. Some day she would like to open a café bake shop with her sister-in-law. The achievement she is most proud of is being a loving and patient mother to her only child.

Heather_profile_1Heather Barb

Licensed Veterinary Technician

Heather was born in Winchester, Virginia and has lived in Northern Virginia her whole life. She grew up with animals of all kinds. Her love for animals is what drew her to the veterinary field. Heather started working at Old Dominion when she was 16 years old in the boarding department. She became very interested in the veterinary field so she went to tech school to broaden her abilities to care for animals.

As a technician, Heather assists the doctors throughout the day in many ways, including: providing daily care of animals (medications, temperature, etc.); pre and post surgical care; performing dental cleanings and monitoring anesthesia; taking x-rays and doing blood draws – basically anything to make the doctors’ day go smoother.

Heather is married to her highschool sweetheart, Nick, who is a deputy sheriff. He enjoys working out, competing in crossfit competitions, sports (Dallas), and any outdoor activity. Their son, Landon, is 2 ½ and loves swimming, reading books and playing outside. They also have a 7-year-old German Shepherd, Trixie, who loves to catch a Frisbee and a 15-year-old Quarter Horse named Mosby. When she’s not busy at work, Heather enjoys horseback riding, concerts, sports, going to the beach, and spending time with her family. She lists her greatest achievements as graduating tech school, getting married, and having a beautiful baby boy!

Scott_profile_1Scott Vaughn

Veterinary Nurse

Scott was born in Washington, D.C., and has lived in Northern Virginia his entire life. He grew up with a house full of pets, and has felt a strong connection with animals since he was young. Working with animals is something that Scott has always wanted to do. Seven years ago, when he was searching for a summer job, he found out that the animal hospital where he took his dogs was hiring. That summer job turned into a year-round job and he has been here with us ever since.

Scott’s responsibilities include assisting the veterinarians with treating patients, running lab tests, working in radiology, and ensuring the safety and comfort of the patients, particularly the older pets that require a little extra care.

Scott’s family consists of his 2 dogs, Paco and Rufus. Their favorite thing to do is to go hiking along the Potomac River. He is currently attending George Mason University to pursue degrees in biology and psychology. During his free time, Scott enjoys hiking with his dogs, skiing, going to concerts, and cheering for the D.C. sports teams.


Boarding Staff


Hal_profile_1Hal Edmonds

Veterinary Assistant

Hal was born and raised in the District of Columbia, and now resides in Prince George’s County, Maryland. When he was seeking employment, he found the opportunity to be surrounded by the animals that he loves. In his daily duties, Hal gets to bathe, walk and provide playtime for dogs, clean cages, give medications and assist the staff as needed. He loves his job!

Hal has a wife, kids and grandkids, a dog, Dianna, and his Old Dominion family. These are his loved ones. His personal interest is doing his best at whatever is asked of him on any given day, even if it is just helping someone, or talking to someone. If it will help the team, then Hal is happy to do it. His greatest achievement is just knowing that he can do something that he loves to do and see his babies (the dogs).

Vidillia_profile_1Vidalia Mazariegos

Assistant Boarding Supervisor

Vidalia chose the veterinary field because she grew up with animals as a child and wanted to continue having them in her life. Her job as Assistant Boarding Supervisor is to support the other supervisors with all aspects of running the boarding facility.


Brenda_profile_1Brenda Gray

Boarding Supervisor

Brenda chose the veterinary field because she has a big heart filled with love for animals. A friend suggested she work with animals because every time she would see an animal, she would melt, and the animal would try to run to her (true story). Brenda works in the boarding/bathing/grooming department. Aside from handling paperwork, her main objective is to make the owners and their pets feel comfortable and reassured with love and understanding.

As a pet owner, she know there is no place like home, but if you must board your pets, ODAHC is ideal, and the staff is the best.

Brenda’s family includes her baby long-haired Chihuahua, Chula. She proudly served in the United States Army and loves all sports, especially basketball and football. She also loves music, dance and theatre.