When our animal companions are sick or injured, they can’t speak to let us know what’s bothering them. Because many of the medical conditions pets can suffer from cannot be detected on the surface of the skin, veterinary diagnostics play a critical role in managing the ongoing health of your pet. These tools allow our doctors to delve below the surface and learn exactly what’s happening inside your pet’s body so that we can quickly diagnose and treat whatever may be ailing them.

At ODAH Center, we believe that having comprehensive in-house diagnostic capabilities is essential. The ability to perform in-house diagnostics provides us with quality control, which means better care for your pet. The faster we get answers about your pet’s medical situation, the quicker we can address our doctors’ concerns, your worries, and your pet’s symptoms. Last, but certainly not least, faster and more accurate diagnoses can save you money and prevent unnecessary or more invasive procedures.

The comprehensive, advanced in-house diagnostic and laboratory procedures offered to patients of ODAH Center include:

  • Ultrasound, including abdominal, thoracic, cardiac, and soft tissue
  • Endoscopy, including colonoscopy, cystoscopy, otoscopy, and gastroscopy
  • Radiology
  • Pre-anesthesia screening
  • Diagnostic blood work
  • Allergy screening
  • Urine and fecal analysis

Rest assured that whatever may be bothering your animal companion, we’re well equipped and prepared to get to the bottom of it quickly and accurately so that we can help return your pet to his or her normal, healthy lifestyle as soon as possible.