Our Veterinarians

Dr_Davis_profileDr. Gordon Davis

Veterinarian, Semi-Retired to Management Advisor, Owner

Dr. Gordon Davis grew up in small-town Ohio and started working for a local veterinarian when he was just 9 years old. He attended Ohio State Veterinary School and then moved to Virginia in 1970 to start a practice in McLean and raise a family. Dr. Davis started a two-man, one-employee practice that has progressed to one of the largest privately held practices in the Washington Metropolitan area.

While practicing, Dr. Davis focused on small animal surgery and orthopedics and he has thoroughly enjoyed the challenges of his career.  Dr. Davis’s wife is a dog and cat lover! Their son’s family includes R.J., Heidi, Spencer and Jack.  Their daughter’s family includes Bob, Lizanne, Kendall and Brady. In his free time, Dr. Davis enjoys riding horses, racing horses and woodworking.


Dr_Felton_profile_1Dr. Craig Felton

Veterinarian, Medical Director

Despite having lived over half his life as a Virginian, Dr. Craig Felton is a Buckeye through and through. Part of who he is comes from these Ohio roots. For example, when he and his wife moved to Northern Virginia, they immediately knocked on their neighbors’ doors, introduced themselves and handed them a housewarming gift. After seeing the neighbors’ puzzled looks, Dr. Felton quipped, “I’m sorry, we’re from Ohio and we don’t know any better.”

Ohioans are warm, unassuming people who, despite their independence and self-reliance, will always lend a hand to a friend or even a perfect stranger. Dr. Felton considers himself lucky to work in a profession that ties in so many of the activities he loves, provides mental challenges and learning experiences to grow and rewards him with personal fulfillment. His parents recognized early on his love and aptitude for science and it was their dream for him to become a medical doctor. His father’s job as a middle school principal and his mother’s as a hospital administrator afforded Dr. Felton the learning resources and job experiences to observe doctors and the inner workings of hospitals first hand. It wasn’t until his junior year in college that two events changed his path. First, his mother lost her battle with leukemia, and second, he met a pre-vet student who gave him direct access to observing what his future profession was all about.

Unlike human medicine where all doctors are highly specialized, most veterinarians wear “multiple hats”, which allows animal doctors to follow their patients from infancy to death. They are forced to learn and become proficient in all aspects of medicine and surgery. Dr. Felton’s mother’s illness showcased one shortcoming to specialization: the fact that a serious illness like cancer requires multiple highly specialized doctors. There were more opportunities for lapses in communication and fewer opportunities for compassion and connection to their patients. Ultimately, his decision to become a veterinarian balanced his passion for science and learning with his family’s core beliefs in compassion and empathy for all living things.

Dr. Felton received a BS degree from Ashland University in 1973 and then spent a year of independent research at the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center. In 1978, he received his DVM from Ohio State University. He has interests in internal medicine, soft tissue surgery, ultrasonography, laparoscopic diagnostics, acupuncture (CUA), and he is a USDA accredited veterinarian.

Dr. Felton married his college sweetheart, Debbie, with whom he will celebrate 40 years of marriage in 2013. They are blessed to have 2 beautiful daughters, Kelly and Lindsey, who still have their father wrapped around their fingers. 2013 is also a milestone year as Craig and Debbie officially became grandparents for the first time. Dr. Felton is looking forward to spoiling his granddaughter and grandson and the opportunity to talk jibberish and act like a kid again. The Feltons have one male miniature poodle, Eli, who keeps them on their toes with his zest for living and regularly outwits everyone at every opportunity.

Now that he is in his sixties, Dr. Felton’s interests are a little more leisurely than athletic. His two previous passions, tennis and running, have given way to low impact activities like kayaking and biking. White water kayaking is now morphing into less excitement and more the pursuit of the zen stroke and reading the river perfectly. He still enjoys home improvement projects, especially those involving woodworking, and now that he has grandchildren, has rediscovered his love of photography. Finally, gardening has and will always be a form of meditation and a creative outlet for him.


Dr_Newman_profile_1Dr. Andrea Newman

Senior Veterinarian

Dr. Andrea Newman was born in Frederick, Maryland, and raised in Bethesda. She went to Duke University for undergraduate studies and achieve a Master’s degree at Hood College before attending the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine. She came to veterinary medicine late. After graduating from college, she was volunteering at a large cat (lions, tigers, leopards, servals and caracals) breeding and research facility in North Carolina and realized that she could combine the joy of working with animals and the people who love them with her interests in science and medicine.

The joy and challenge of veterinary medicine is that it’s like being the only doctor in a remote town. We work on patients from infancy through geriatrics and do medicine, and surgery, and dentistry too! Dr. Newman’s favorite part of her job is the diagnostic challenges.

Dr. Newman’s husband, Wayne Tympanick, is a music teacher at Kent Gardens Elementary School. He also plays drums on the side (jazz is his love). They have 2 cats: Monk and Miles; a yellow naped parrot, Yna, who loves to sing along to music; and a tank full of fish that they choose to believe are happy. In her spare time, Dr. Newman enjoys gardening, bicycling, hiking (any excuse to be outdoors on a nice day!). She also enjoys cooking and reading.


Dr. Kirsi Burnett


The love of an animal is something you can’t easily define or even describe. They impart companionship, love, and an enduring, positive impact on our lives. It is this bond that drew Dr. Burnett to veterinary medicine. Her aim is to not only provide care to the animals she sees, but in doing so, positively impact the well-being of their owners.
Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, Dr. Burnett was fortunate enough to be surrounded by nature. Living only 20 minutes away from the surrounding Wasatch Mountains, she developed an early love for hiking, skiing, and climbing — something shared by her parents and two sisters, as well as their pack of 4 family dogs. She completed her bachelor’s degree at the University of Utah while completing a student internship with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration at the Colorado River Basin Forecasting Center.
Her interest in medicine initially led her to work at the Huntsman Cancer Hospital as a coordinator for patients diagnosed with cancer. This experience showed her the tenacity of the human spirit and the value of compassion, connection, and living each day to the fullest extent. She carried these life lessons with her as she transitioned into veterinary medicine as a technician in small animal medicine. It was there that she discovered she could fully integrate her love of medicine, animals, and teaching. It also encouraged her to train her Boxer, Juniper, as a certified therapy dog who frequently accompanies her to hospitals and long term care facilities.
She graduated from the Utah State/Washington State University Regional Program in Veterinary Medicine in 2017. She is passionate about companion animal medicine and has a special interest in animal behavior, dermatology, pain management, dental care, and senior care. She is ecstatic to be a part of the Old Dominion Animal Health Center team.
Dr. Burnett lives in Alexandria, Virginia with her husband, Jon, 12-year-old Boxer, Juniper, and orange tabby cat, Benny. When not at work or enjoying the outdoors, she competes in Muay Thai kickboxing and enjoys restoring 1950-1970’s Vespa scooters.

Dr. Annabel Austin 

Dr. Annabel Austin grew up in the DC metro area and is glad to be back after spending some time out of state while completing her education. A lifelong love of animals and her interest in science naturally led her to pursue a degree in veterinary medicine. She earned her undergraduate degree in Biology from Smith College, then spent a year doing HIV research at the National Institutes of Health before starting veterinary school at the University of Pennsylvania. She pursued her interest in research throughout vet school and spent summers at the University of Wisconsin studying wildlife disease and primate pathology. She continues to have a special interest in clinical research and likes to keep up with the latest studies in veterinary medicine. While in vet school, Dr. Austin was particularly interested in dermatology, and spent time at UC Davis and UPenn learning from boarded dermatologists. When she graduated from vet school, she started out practicing as an emergency veterinarian. After spending some time in the ER, she transitioned to general practice and is excited to be able to pursue her interest in dermatology further. Dr. Austin is thrilled to be a part of the team at Old Dominion Animal Health Center! When she’s not at work, Dr. Austin enjoys spending time outside. Her favorite activities are running and hiking, especially when she can bring along her dog, Rigby, who has been with her since vet school. Dr. Austin also has an interest in art and occasionally creates animal portraits for friends and family. She lives in Maryland.

Dr. Alexis Hake

Dr. Alexis Hake was born and raised in southwest Missouri. She was fortunate to spend her childhood camping, floating, catching crawdads, and riding horses in the Ozarks, which instilled in her a love of the outdoors, animals, and conservation from an early age. Curious to explore more and determined to become the next Jane Goodall, she headed west, to attend the University of California Santa Cruz as a Regent Scholar. Dr. Hake is convinced there is no campus more beautiful than that of UCSC!

While at UCSC, she failed (spectacularly) at surfing but did manage to acquire new passions such as climbing, yoga, and burritos. Through her studies she also realized that her passions for conservation and working with animals were matched by keen interests in physiology and biology, which cemented her pursuit of a career in veterinary medicine.   After obtaining a B.Sc. in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology, Dr. Hake worked both as a veterinary assistant and for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. There she worked with some inspiring scientists and veterinary mentors, primarily in sea otter pathology and infectious disease transmission in near-shore ecosystems, before moving to Davis, CA to continue her education. She received her DVM from the University of California Davis in 2010 and stayed on at the university to work in food safety and infectious disease research, obtaining a Masters of Preventative Veterinary Medicine in 2012.

Although she enjoyed many aspects of research, Dr. Hake missed working with patients, the challenges of practicing medicine, and the sense of family/teamwork that one finds at a well-functioning veterinary hospital. She thus made the leap to clinical practice and has yet to look back. Dr. Hake loves the methodical process of working up complex medical cases, the wide variety of disciplines within the field one is required to master and being part of a profession that requires her to be a perpetual student. Most importantly, she loves playing a role in supporting the powerful human-animal bond that she witnesses daily between her patients and clients.

In 2016, Dr. Hake said farewell to California and moved with her family to the Kingdom of Bahrain. There she had the honor to work both in private practice and as a civilian veterinarian supporting military working dogs and privately-owned pets in Bahrain. This past winter, Dr. Hake relocated to northern Virginia.

Dr Hake lives in McLean with her husband, her two boys, and her German Wirehaired Pointer, Addie Pearl. She is excited to explore the area and thrilled to be a part of the ODAHC team. When not working, she spends most of her time trying to keep up with her two boys while rediscovering the world through their eyes and planning the next adventure.