Ways to Protect Pets This Winter

Temperatures are quickly dropping this winter. With the weather people talking about winter weather and freeze warnings on just about every channel, we thought we would give some tips to help you make sure your pets stay warm, healthy and happy in the cold days ahead.

Inside is the place to be, never leave your dogs or cats outdoors. If they get too cold or wet, they can get sick.  Keep your pets hydrated! Trying to stay warm will take up a lot of your pet’s energy. Make sure there is always fresh water available for your furry loved ones. Another thing is your pets will need extra food during the winter months so they can keep their energy up.

Have a short haired pooch? He may be cozier in a dog sweater during walks. Try to find a coat or sweater with a high collar and coverage all the way to the belly.  Just like you, your pets want to be in a warm place to sleep. A dog or cat bed with a blanket or pillow away from drafts is perfect. Never leave your pet alone in the car! In the winter, the car can become a refrigerator, causing your pet to freeze to death. Put the clippers away! Never shave your dog down to the skin in the winter — his coat will provide warmth. And if your dog needs a bath, dry him off completely before taking him outside on a walk.