Play with the Kids
Dogs are part of our families, and there’s nothing more fun than watching little ones playing with their furry friends. This helps your children gain respect for your animal and vice versa. Have your child blow dog-friendly bubbles; the dogs will have a blast trying to catch them, especially if they’re flavored! You can also set up a race between the kids and your pup or play hide-and-seek — have the kids hide while your pooch tries to sniff them out.
Head to the Dog Beach
Cities throughout the country have beaches that are designated as dog beaches, and these spots are perfect places for your dog to cool off in the sweltering heat — as long as they’re swimming dogs. They’ll also get to romp around in the sand, too.
Go on an Outdoor Adventure
Dogs are natural explorers, and taking them on a hike is a wonderful way to satiate their curiosity, whether they’re off leash or on one.
Grab a Cool Treat
Give in to your dog’s desire for some human food by getting them dog-friendly ice cream! Many ice cream parlors will have doggy snacks also; just ask for the doggie cone, and your pooch will be sure to gobble it up. Or look out for dog-friendly treats at your local bakery or specialized dog bakeries, for a tasty alternative for pups that don’t handle dairy well.
Challenge Your Pet with Some Games
Like agility courses, games are a great way to hone your dog’s skills, while also having some fun. One such game is “find it!” The goal is to make it harder and harder for your dog to find his treats. Simply show your pooch the treat, excitedly tell him to “find it!” then throw the treat in any direction. After you’ve repeated this a few times, have your pup sit while you put the treat down about 15 feet away. When you go back to him, tell him to “find it!” again. Eventually, you can start using this command to play a fun game of hide-and-seek with your dog. Get your kids involved with games like this, and both your human and furry kids will have yet another way to bond.
Once you know where you’re headed, take some precautions to keep your dog safe while she’s having fun. Always bring plenty water with you to make sure your pups are hydrated. Another thing to watch for is that they don’t burn their paws; in the heat of the summer, sand and concrete can get too hot for sensitive pets. Lastly, no matter where you go, keep a close eye on your pup. What matters is that, while staying safe, both you and your dog are having fun. You can do fun outings like this every week, or more often with dogs that require more exercise. Your dog will have a blast every time!