Now that Fall is here, you’re probably thinking of some fun activities that   you can do with your dog outside before winter sets in. Well here are few ideas to help get you started:

Take a Hike!! Nothing sounds better than exploring tree lined trails and admiring the changing leaves with your furry best friend right by your side. But before you head out on any trail, make sure that you bring plenty of food and water for your dog and even a coat in case he or she gets chilly.

Playtime in the Yard!! Along with playing your favorite games, your dog might enjoy jumping into a nice big pile of leaves. This would even be a good time to practice your dog’s training skills. But when you go outside make sure that your pet avoids any snakes that are getting ready to hibernate and mushrooms that are growing in your yard.

Family Outings!! Take your dog out on a picnic or for a run at a local park. If dogs are allowed, bring them with you on a visit to a pumpkin patch.