Shake things up this summer by doing one of these outdoor summer activities with your dog. These activities are sure to get you and your pooch moving!


Playing in the water with your furry kid is a great way for the two of you to beat the heat together. Whether you’re taking a dip at the pool, lake, or in the ocean, swimming is an great way to workout for you and your dog.

Morning Hike

Hiking allows you to enjoy nature’s wonders while you and your pet get in your daily exercise

Go to The Park

If your dog is well-trained, take them to your local dog park. Playing with other dogs is important to your pup’s emotional and social development. It’s also an opportunity to allow them to run around which is excellent for their cardiovascular health. To avoid heat, take your dog in the early morning or evening hours when it starts to cool down to reduce the risks of heat stroke or other heat-related illness.

Set Up a Backyard Obstacle Course

Use old furniture, wood, and wading pools to create a backyard obstacle course. An obstacle course is a fun way to teach your dog new tricks, as well as keep them in shape. Have courses that include jumping, catching, and running to help build stamina and speed. A backyard obstacle course will keep your dog entertained and that way you don’t have to go very far from home.