When the kids are home, let them give your dog plenty of attention and play time. Have them go on long walks. Or just have them play ball. Doing the bonding as well as energy release that your dog enjoys.

Dogs are usually social animals that were bred to perform a jobs. So, your dog will be happiest when he gets to do a job. When you have the time, consider taking your dog to the dog park to be social with other dogs. Play ball and go on long hikes with them. When your dog feel enthused and focused for part of the day, it will help them deal with the idler hours when everyone is gone.

If your dog enjoys puzzle balls, chew toys, or even watching TV, leave these items out so your dog has something fun to do while you’re gone. This is especially important for dogs that are big chewers; leave them something to chew on or the dog may chew other items in the house.

Consider a dog walker. If you and the kids are gone all day, you may need to hire someone to check on your dog. Many dogs can’t last all day without a bathroom break, and most dogs need long mid-day walks to behave better. A daily dog-walker will get your dogs the exercise, stimulation and social time they want.

Remember that times of change are hard on dogs, just like they can be challenging for kids. Be patient, add some fun, and be flexible as the entire family adjusts to the new school year.