Gather all your supplies together. You will need:
A brush and comb
A shampoo for dogs
With many dogs, the bath is made easier with a hand-held showerhead, otherwise, use a large pitcher. You will get wet and soapy along with your dog, so wear old clothes. If it is a warm summer day, an outdoor bath is just fine.
Before putting pooch in the tub, thoroughly brush her coat to remove any tangles.
Stand your dog in the tub; you may need a helper to make sure she doesn’t jump out! Most dogs feel more secure if you place a rubber mat on the bottom of the bathtub so it is not too slippery.
Wet your dog down with warm water and lather her all over, taking care to keep the soap and water out of her eyes and ears.
Rinse your dog thoroughly, using the pitcher or hand-held showerhead. Take particular care to rinse up in the armpits and groin, and thick coats will need several rinsing’s. Soap left in the coat will cause dry irritated skin so rinse until all the hair feels squeaky clean.
Let your dog shake in the tub, then start drying her with a towel. Depending on the size of your dog and the thickness of her coat, you may go through several towels. On cold days, with young or elderly dogs, or if your dog has long fur that tangles easily, you will also need to use a hairdryer. You must be careful because it is easy to burn the skin.
Last, clean her ears with a drying solution to remove any water that may have gotten in.