As your dog and baby get to know one another, these safety tips will keep them both safe and they will grow up together.

Set up your baby’s nursery as soon as you can.

By setting up the nursery sooner than later, you give our dog time to adjust and explore this new room of the house. While you’re in here, try to go through the motions of caring for a baby, including talking to them, playing a ‘crying’ sound and a sound machine, and so on.

Never leave your dog and baby alone together.

While it would absolutely be wonderful if your dog was an additional ‘caretaker’ for your baby, it will take time for the bond to build.

Give your dog time—and attention.

As they say, a baby changes everything—and your schedule will have to adapt to your baby’s needs. Your dog still needs their daily time by getting their walks, training, and playtime. This is important to keep to their schedule as much as possible to reduce stress and behavioral issues.