Non Stop Scratching, Licking OR Biting

Fleas are adaptable arthropods that seek out pets’ blood as a food source. Once fleas get on your pet they typically set up their home in hard to reach spot, like the head, neck, tail, armpits, or groin.  Licking, biting, or scratching at these places usually directs to the spot of fleas.


Flea bite saliva can also be allergenic for some animals. These reactions are not only limited to the bitten body part either. Flea bite reaction can cause rashes or abrasions anywhere on the body.


Hair loss can be due to several things, including a reaction to flea bites. Dogs or cats may also pull out some of its own hair due to the constant biting of the flea bite.


If you observed small black or reddish-brown dots on your pet’s body or around your home, this could be flea “dirt,” which is really flea feces composed of digested blood.

Talk To Your Veterinarian

If you can’t find any signs of actual fleas on your dog or in your living environment, or if you have done the full flea extermination treatment on your dog and in your home, but your dog is still scratching excessively, time to talk to your veterinarian.