The hot sun and sizzling heat of the summer can make anyone second guess going outside with their pets. However, outdoor exercise is an essential part of your dog’s routine.

Enjoying the great outdoors will decrease anxiety and influence weight control, which will prevent diseases such as diabetes.

Before You Go Outside

Summertime can be fun, but it can also be dangerous for your pet if you haven’t prepared ahead. When engaging in any outdoor exercise or activities, it’s important that you keep your dog safe. Here are a few things to keep in mind before heading outdoors with your pooch.

Have Extra Water

Whether you’re going for a walk or taking a trip, keeping your dog hydrated is vital during the summer months. Always bring extra water with you, especially for long walks or trips. It may also be a good idea to keep bottled water and extra bowls in the trunk for unplanned outings.

Never Leave the Dog in the Car

Every summer, hundreds of dogs die because owners leave them inside of the car, even with the windows rolled down. A car parked in direct sunlight can reach up to 172°F in the summer. When traveling with your dog, try to make minimal stops.

Know the Signs of Distress

Summer months can be vicious for both humans and pets. It’s important that you recognize the signs of heat distress in your dog. Your pooch may be approaching a heat stroke if you notice any of the following:

Excessive panting

Pale color


Sudden Weakness

If your dog begins to vomit, immediately take them to a cool place and give them plenty of water.