With summer fast approaching, now is a good time to look at some summertime tips which will help make life comfortable and safe for our feline family members.
Heat stroke and dehydration are real dangers, especially in summer.

Do not leave your cat inside the car at any time. Cats can overheat and develop heat stroke.
Don’t keep your cat confined to an especially hot room. Give them access to cooler rooms. Areas with tiled floors are a good idea, they are generally cooler.
If you take your cat for regular walks, make sure you do so during the cooler hours in the summer months.

Keeping Your Cat Cool:
Fill a hot water bottle with cold tap water for your cat to lie on.
Put some ice cubes in their water bowl.
Cool down towels in the freezer and then place in your cat’s bed to lie on.
On especially hot days, use ceiling fans or air conditioning to keep the house cool.

Make sure that your cat has a constant supply of fresh drinking water. You should try to have several bowls scattered around the house.
Sun Protection:
As stated above, on hot days keep your cat indoors. If your cat does go outside and is fair skinned, apply sunscreen to it’s nose and ears to avoid sunburn.
Always provide your cat with adequate shelter from the sun outdoors.

Fleas are a problem throughout the year but they are especially bad during the summer months. Ensure you use a good quality flea control product on your cat and don’t forget to treat the environment too!

Ticks are also a problem, especially in the summer months, and can result in death. It is important to ensure that you thoroughly check your cat for ticks.