Whether or not you adopt a pet during the holidays, it is a personal choice. Just make sure you are taking into account your family, lifestyle and holiday plans. Here are some tips for adopting during the holidays to make the change as smooth as possible!

Make sure that your holiday plans include plenty of time at home. You want to have plenty of time to get to know your pet and provide the necessary behavioral training.

Try to lessen foot traffic in and out of your home. The hustle and bustle of friends and family might be overwhelming for a new pet. Keep the animal’s surroundings as calm and peaceful as possible.

Instead of surprising a family member with a pet, you can give them a card saying you’re getting a new dog or cat. This way the whole family can go look for a new animal together. When you go to the shelter, all members of the family can visit with each pet and cast a vote over which animal they think is best.