Medicating a cat is sometimes one of the most challenging tasks a cat owner must face.

Before you attempt to medicate your cat, get all your provisions together. Have the medication handy, along with a treat to make the experience a pleasant one for your cat, and a towel for wrapping your cat if necessary.

To give a liquid medication, place your cat on a flat surface, facing away from you with his hindquarters against your body. You should already have the medication up into a dosing syringe. Use your free hand to tilt your cat’s head up slightly. Place the tip of syringe in the back corner of your cat’s mouth, squirting the medication in the space between the cheek and gums.

To give a pill or capsule, hold your cat in the same position. Using one hand, steady your cat’s head and tilt it slightly upward. Grasp the pill or capsule between your thumb and forefinger of the opposite hand. Use your middle finger to open your cat’s mouth and slide the pill down the center of the tongue to the back of the mouth, getting the pill as far back into their mouth as possible. It may also be helpful for less cooperative cats, to firmly hold your cat’s scruff while administering the pill.
If your cat struggles and attempts to scratch, wrap a thick towel around your cat’s neck and front legs to protect yourself from your cat’s claws.