Maintaining a dog’s paws is just as important as maintaining a good coat and oral hygiene routine. Paws determine the quality of life of pooches since they can house a overabundance of bacteria if not taken care of.

Indulging dog’s paws are important since they are often neglected because of being assumed to be tough. However, dog paws are just as vulnerable as our own feet. Given below are some ways to take care of your dog’s paws.

Maintain the Right Nail Shape and Size

Dog nails are not meant to touch the ground. If you can hear your dog’s nails clicking on the ground, you should get them trimmed by a vet.

Hair Grooming Between the Toes

The hair between the toes needs to be accurately groomed because it can trap splinters, pebbles, or debris. Toe hair is also prone to catching bacteria from wet surfaces that your dog might have walked on or from other dirty surfaces.

Maintaining Paw Pads

Dog’s paw pads become rough to enable walking on rough surfaces. You should not prevent this hardening by letting your dog walk only on soft surfaces. However, you must take care of hardened paw pads as well.

Avoid Cracking

Due to being very tough, paw pads tend to break and bleed when they get too dry. To avoid this, you can apply specialized dog paw pad moisturizers. Avoids using lotions made for humans as they can be too soft for a dog’s pads.